This Business of Horses

Getting to know...RH Equine Promotions

February 03, 2022 The Equestrian Index Season 1 Episode 3
This Business of Horses
Getting to know...RH Equine Promotions
Show Notes

Episode summary introduction: In this episode we talk to Rhiannon Harradine, owner of RH Equine Promotions about how and why she chose to work in the equine sector, the benefits of hiring a marketing company, why equine businesses should choose equine marketing specialists and what to look for when hiring a company, common questions on social media and what to do if you feel you can’t afford to bring in a marketing specialist. Oh, and Purple Horse Planners… 

Topics discussed in this episode: 

  • What led Rhiannon to specialise in the equestrian sector [01:30]
  • How businesses benefit from hiring a marketing company [02:21]
  • Why hire an equestrian specialist over a main stream firm [03:52]
  • What am I getting for my money when hiring a marketing company [05:31]
  • Which social media platforms should I be using [08:58]
  • The most commonly asked question on SEO [14:11]
  • What to look for when hiring a marketing company [16:43] 
  • What if I can’t afford to hire a marketing company [19:44]
  • Free Consultation [26:15]

Resources mentioned in this episode [26:50]: 

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