This Business of Horses

Getting to know...Biosecurity with Redwings

March 08, 2022 The Equestrian Index Season 1 Episode 4
This Business of Horses
Getting to know...Biosecurity with Redwings
Show Notes

Episode summary introduction: In this episode we talk to Nic de Brauwere, Head of Welfare and Behaviour and Welfare Vet at Redwings Horse Sanctuary about the critical subject of yard biosecurity - why biosecurity should be a priority, what infectious diseases are out there, the stigma surrounding diseases, biosecurity best practice and tips, encouraging client buy in, first steps if you suspect an infectious disease is present at your facility and what support is available.   Oh, and not forgetting Strangles Awareness Week 2022… 

Topics discussed in this episode: 

  • Why yards should prioritise biosecurity [00:39]
  • Infectious diseases that could harm the health/welfare of our horses [03:40]
  • The stigma of infectious disease and why people should talk about it more [09:03]
  • Redwings biosecurity practices [18:34]
  • Practical tips to improve yard biosecurity [25:28]
  • How to encourage biosecurity practice ‘buy in’ on your yard [30:09]
  • First steps if you suspect infectious disease is present on your yard [38:27] 
  • What support/resources are available to you [42:44]
  • Plans for Strangles Awareness Week 2022 [49:48]

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

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