This Business of Horses

Getting to know...Synovium Horse Health UK

September 07, 2022 The Equestrian Index Season 1 Episode 9
This Business of Horses
Getting to know...Synovium Horse Health UK
Show Notes

Episode summary introduction: In this episode we chat to Vicky Hipkins, Managing Director at Synovium Horse Health UK about how she became MD at Synovium, who Synovium are, what makes them different in a busy market, best sellers, common issues that owners come to them with, what to look for when deciding on a supplement and the Vets behind the scenes…  

Topics discussed in this episode: 

  •  Vicky’s equine background  [01:38]
  • How Vicky became MD at Synovium Horse Health UK  [02:10]
  • Who Synovium Horse Health Supplements are  [03:52]
  • How Synovium came to the UK [05:05]
  • What makes Synovium supplements different [06:28]
  • Synovium’s mission [08:25]
  • Best sellers [10:43]
  • Common issues from owners  [11:48]
  • Helping customers find the right supplement  [14:50]
  • Muscle supplement range  [16:09]
  • What people should look at when deciding on a supplement  [18:33]

Resources for this episode [21:32]: 

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