This Business of Horses

Getting to know...Bedmax

October 04, 2022 The Equestrian Index Season 1 Episode 10
This Business of Horses
Getting to know...Bedmax
Show Notes

Episode summary introduction: In this episode we chat to Tim Smalley, Managing Director at Bedmax about how Bedmax bedding came about on a farm overlooking Holy Island in Northumberland, the development of the brand and its unique features, UK raw materials, international markets, Royal warrants and being the first bedding business to gain the BETA NOPS for bedding accreditation. Oh, and pine resin and the future…  

Topics discussed in this episode: 

  • How and why it all started  [01:40]
  •  Did the equestrian world immediately recognise Bedmax’s purpose and benefits [04:16]
  • Importance of large flake vs small flake shavings  [05:24]
  • What makes Bedmax so popular [06:11]
  • Bedmax around the world  [09:18]
  • UK raw materials and production [10:41]
  • Royal warrants [11:22]
  • Using the dust extracted in production to create another product [12:32]
  • New bedding product Strawmax  [14:57]
  • BETA NOPS accreditation  [20:22]
  • The future [22:44]

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