This Business of Horses

Getting to know...Haygain

December 02, 2022 The Equestrian Index Season 1 Episode 11
This Business of Horses
Getting to know...Haygain
Show Notes

Episode summary introduction: In this episode we chat to Professor Meriel Moore-Colyer, Professor of Equine Science at The Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester about how Haygain steamers came about, her involvement with their development, the challenges they faced, the research behind the product, how the perception and understanding of respiratory health has evolved, pet peeves around horse management and her 3 top tips for healthy horses. Oh, and her favourite tunes for lab work…  

Topics discussed in this episode: 

  • How and when Meriel got involved with Haygain [01:42]
  • Key milestones in development & main challenges of the process [05:13]
  • How research verified the benefits of Haygain steaming [09:40]
  • The impact dusty hay had on horses before Haygain development [16:57]
  • How much the general understanding of the topic has evolved since Haygain [20:48]
  • What horse management techniques drive Meriel most crazy [23:41]
  • Role in developing the Forager Slow Feeder [27:24]
  • Why we should believe Haygain pitches [33:01]
  • Meriel’s top 3 horse health tips [36:52]
  • What music you will find on Meriel’s headphones in the lab [36:52]

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